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Kadyamadare Primary School is a rural primary school located about 57 kilometers outside of Harare. There are approximately 700 students from early childhood (3yrs) to grade 7. The students are extremely poor, and lack enough food and adequate clothing.

Kathy C., an American teacher at the Harare International School, began a relationship with Kadyamadare more than a decade ago and has been taking her 11th grade students out there a few times a year to do various projects that need doing. Although it took eight years, Kathy was instrumental in getting electricity to the school. She also set up a computer lab at the school and although they are ancient, these machines are precious to the rural students. Teachers are short on chalk and anything to write their plans on. Paper is gold. Pens or pencils are precious.

Introductions: Kathy, Sekayi, Laurel and Diana

Sekayi, Kadyamadare Headmistress

School Vision

Larry and Diana learn about the Computer Program


Nutritional Supplement


Students at Closing Ceremony



School Grounds


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