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Considering parenting?

Your first thought about parenting may be, “No way! There is absolutely no way I could be a parent!” We want to assure you it is possible. In fact, there are more resources available today than ever before for women who choose to parent or co-parent independently. No matter what age, financial situation or education level, parenting is a difficult job. However, with support and resources, it can be a very rewarding job too.

Am I Ready to Be a Parent?

Asking yourself if you are ready to parent is a big question. Just like the decision to make an adoption plan or have an abortion, it requires a great deal of thought and conversations. However, you may be more prepared to parent than you think. Here are some things to take into consideration:

  • Do you have support from your partner or parents?
  • How will parenting impact your job or education?
  • Can you financially support a child?
  • What resources are available to help you as you raise your child?

Often, a few heart-to-heart conversations with those who matter most in your life and a little research will help you decide. We will come alongside you, as well, to offer resources and support as you embark on your parenting journey.

Next Steps

Women often consider their lack of finances as the #1 reason not to parent. We have information about a number of community resources that can help you. In addition, we offer an Earn While You Learn class. If you attend these classes, you can earn points that can be “spent” on items such as baby clothes, toys, diapers, wipes, and many other necessities. You can even save up your points to “purchase” strollers, high chairs and car seats. Don’t immediately count out the option to parent. Let us show you how we can support you during this next chapter of your life!

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