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a boyfriend with unexpectedly pregnant girlfriend

An unexpected pregnancy is daunting because of how much it can change your plans. Having a baby to raise, guide, and support when you were never planning on parenthood is understandably scary and frustrating.

If your partner is pregnant, the decision about how to move forward is ultimately her choice, but that doesn’t mean you should not have any input. After all, you helped to create the pregnancy!

Read this article for steps to support your partner and help you reach a confident decision.

Listen to Your Partner’s Concerns and Needs

Although prioritizing your partner’s emotional needs may not seem like the most immediate concern when you’re seeking a solution that doesn’t involve becoming a parent, it’s essential to approach this journey one step at a time.

As the pregnant person, she is likely even more overwhelmed than you are with the news of an unexpected pregnancy.

Once you’ve had a chance to process your emotions, ask her how she feels and what options she is leaning toward.

Ideally, you can support one another and find a solution as a couple.

Explore Your Options

There are three options for you to consider: parenting, adoption, and abortion

If you are both confident you do not want to be parents, you can rule out that option. If your partner is unsure if parenting is for her or not, be open to learning more.

At Hope First, we offer complimentary pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, and options consultations

In a free options consultation, you can explore more about parenting, adoption, or abortion in an informative but non-judgmental environment. 

We can share more about what material assistance is available for parenting, what options look like for those interested in making an adoption plan, and what an abortion procedure would entail.

Next Steps

You and your partner aren’t alone in this. Regardless of the pregnancy choice you’re both considering, we’re here to support you and your partner.

Remember, you don’t have to make a rushed decision. Take your time to gather information and discuss it with your partner.

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